Simon Eisenbach Productions branding

  • Simon Eisenbach Productions, LLC until very recently did graphic design, photography, and video production. Now focused entirely on photography and video, Simon asked me to create a new logo for him that would encapsulate the change in focus as a company.

    I wanted to create a logo that would not only emphasize photography but focus on his unique humanitarian efforts in the developing world. There is a mix between the rigid technicality and discipline of the grid, and the worn away grunge of getting dirty and getting involved in the efforts you are photographing, and that mix is definitely part of what makes Simon's efforts as a photographer stand out. 

    UPDATE: In 2019 I was asked to redesign the logo. The first image below is of the rebrand, with typography based on the old branding. The old logo is below.
  • The main logo, the so-called "open version."
  • Secondary logo, "closed version."
  • The logo as watermark
  • Business cards