FORM bureau

  • FORM bureau is an architectural practice based in Moscow specializing in exhibition design, product design, interior design, town and building construction.

    The task was to develop a website, design a logo and think up a name for two Moscow based architects Olga Treivas and Vera Odyn, who have joined to set up an architectural bureau.

    Flёve created a website where all the projects are displayed on the front page and when reloaded the covers for the projects randomly change their size, location and shape, highlighting the bureau’s dynamic and flexible character and desire to look for new solutions and ideas. 

    The second task which Flёve had to complete was designing a logo and thinking up a name. FORM was chosen as the name for the company, but knowing that form is a very common, generic word, we came up with the concept of a more dynamic logo to make it stand out. Next to FORM we placed a digit that signifies the number of current projects. When a new project is added, the number increases automatically so you always know how many of them there are on the site at the moment.