Radugadesign ID

  • Radugadesign is media design studio — one of leaders in the field of visual support of entertainment events and interactive installations in Russia. They start in 2007. They work with major clients, realize high budget projects and even performed video mapping on the ice of The North Pole. Guys stay crazy, and therefore they contact me with the request to create a website.

    During the working process it became clear that the current Identity is weak, and rebranding is inevitable. “Raduga” means rainbow in Russian. Despite the name, they don’t have pony and don’t want to look like multicolored arc. In development, I tried to avoid stereotypes, but failed and draw a unicorn.​​​​​​​

  • Erohnovich Roma, art-direction, design 
    Vlad Tabachnikov, 3d
    Roman Shchyukin & Valery Zaveryaev, type design

    Client: Ivan Nefedkin (thank you, homie:)