Newvo Homes Brand Identity & Website

  • Newvo Homes is different from ordinary real estate brokerages. With an exclusive focus on the new-build market, the company lets homebuyers search the inventories of all Utah homebuilders from one location. To help the company communicate that difference, Jibe developed a company name, brand, website, and corporate video. Providing streamlined access to a massive database, the websites’ unique functionality matches the beauty of the brand.
  • The construction of the mark was based on home blueprints, illustrating four walls and two doors that form an N.
  • Business cards were printed with an emboss/deboss die for the mark.
  • is fully responsive and was designed with the end user in mind. It is a very simple site that allows homebuyers to search all new-build homes in Utah.
  • This motion graphic is housed on the About Us page. It is a fun animation that explains who Newvo Homes is and what they do for their clients.
  • Screenshots from the motion graphic
    Sam DeMastrie: Art Direction, Website Design, Logo Design
    Elise Bowen: Logo Design, Branding, Motion Graphic Design & Animation
    Joel Farr: Website Programming
    Greg Lowe: Copywriting