Tré Seals—Self Branding

    Back in the Medieval times, people didn’t have last names. In England, it was decided that your profession would be your last name; Taylor was a tailor, Smith was a smith, Miller was a miller, Barber was a barber, and so on. Seals – meaning “son of seal”– was of a noble occupation. A man with the last name Seal (soon to be Seals) made wax stamps / seals and signet rings for those of nobility and royalty to certify documents (i.e., letters). That might account for my love of branding. Thus, the icon was developed. 

    For the final piece of the icon, I wanted to find an interesting way to incorporate my initials, without directly using my initials, TS. I wanted to find a common typographic symbol that I could manipulate. Finally, I stumbled across this ampersand that resembled a capital T and a capital cursive S. So I flipped it. 
    The business cards went through a series of phases from my the original light blue arimail boarders, to the red and blue airmail borders, and finally ending up with something much more straight forward and less overstated.
    Finally, to stay consistent with the English history, the letterhead is based on antique legal documents and stamps from the 1800s. 

    To sum up, here's the result: Tré Seals — Designed. Sealed. Delivered.
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