Mobispot Taiwan, Singapore

  • Officially launched in January 2014 with an office in Taiwan, Mobispot creates user-friendly, wearable NFC devices for daily use. Applications include transport, campus solutions, micropayments, secure ID and digital campaigns and more. Mobispot is all about connecting digital applications with people’s everyday lives.

    Flëve were asked to help launch a new ambitious product and service.
    For more than a year and a half we have been working shoulder to shoulder with Mobispot to bring this great product and service to life. The project has involved everything from creating an identity system and web interface to designing all the spots (wristband, keyfob and card) and crafting a successful design strategy.

    Mobispot has already attracted well-deserved attention at RFID Journal Events in Orlando, USA and Cards & Payments in Singapore. More to come