Metro Weekly Health Column

  • A selection of my illustrations for Metro Weekly's health column.
  • Healthy Fast Food - Accompanying an article detailing some options for healthy eating at several common fast casual restaurants.
  • Trends or Truth - To accompany a column exploring the complexities in the attempt to discern between nutritional trends and actionable guidelines.
  • Shoes - To accompany a column on what your gym shoes say about your personality.
  • Fitness Mistakes - to accompany an article exploring common health and fitness mistakes, and what it takes to create the correct, unique set of habits that support one's individual goals.
  • In the Locker Room - to accompany a piece exploring the controversy over gay athletes.
  • Nutritional Harmony - To accompany an article about establishing a proper balance between fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
  • United Social Sports - To accompany an article about DC's United Social Sports.