New York City F.C.

  • The most loyal and passionate sports fans on the planet live in New York City. Their iconic sports culture includes the Yankees, Lawrence Taylor, the Rangers, Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Madison Square Garden; the list could go on forever. These icons are integral pieces of the New York City sports 'Pantheon', but something has been missing from this elite group.. Major League Soccer. 
    The everyday visual aspects of New York make "The City" unique; this inspired our identity system. Everyday surroundings including the subway system's classic signage and mosaic tiling, Manhattan's remarkable grid structure, and the complex cabling arrangement of the Brooklyn Bridge. For the primary mark, we crafted a crest that symbolizes royalty and honor. The shape was influenced  by vintage NYC cab 'hack badges', as well as classic Premier League logos. The lion was inspired by the statues that stand guard outside the NYC Public Library and symbolizes strength, pride and respect, characteristics inherent with the sport of soccer and in New Yorkers themselves. The club's major sponsor, Barnes & Noble Booksellers pays homage to the city's world class reputation in the print and publishing industries, as well as its strong ties with the public library.
    NYCFC will be the first New York sports organization with the honor to represent "City" within it's team name.
    In 2015 as the 20th MLS franchise, and a team truly built for the city, New York City Football Club will complete the 'Pantheon' of New York sports.
  • Many thanks to our instructor John Hartwell.