Italy Postage Stamps

  • Postage Stamps - Italy
    Concept Design
    Focusing upon the numerous, beautiful cathedrals and museum architecture all over Italy, my design decisions for this project was also based on the fact that the catholic church continues to hold a privileged status in the country. It is the perfect portrayal of the religious culture to the world. Italy has metabolized modernity through its complex and unique history, and for this reason it has never fully shared the modes and tempos of other industrialized nations. In this sense, modernity in Italy has developed in a way we might call uncertain and imperfect. Italian artistic and design research must mediate between a desire to break with the burden of history and powerful attempts to establish a dialogue with it.

    Therefore, with simple lines, patterns and minimal forms, I illustrated the interiors and entrance of the Florence cathedral, the roof of Galleria Vittoro Emanuele and the roof of Saint Peter Basilica. The final designs weave the elaborate and distinct history of the nation with a touch of modernity.