Flavor Notes - iPad & iPhone

  • Flavor Notes
    An iPad, iPhone and Android App
  • When FONA International wanted to enter into the world of mobile applications, they called upon Rule29 to create the project. R29 partnered up with Citytech, Inc.to design a unique experience for FONA's clients on how to track andrecord flavor descriptors or "notes" when creating, tasting and testingvarious flavors. The end result is a unified set of flavor descriptorsthat become a common level of communication for flavor developers andchemists when used to create or select a flavor for a food or beverage.

    The application was created for a unified experience over all of theavailable platforms – iOS (optimized for both iPhone and iPad) andAndroid. The promotion of the app was done through a microsite that canbe found at FONAFlavorNotes.com.The site gives users a sneak peek at functionality while also providinga central, platform-agnostic point of marketing contact for all users.