Champion Energy Services

  • Champion Energy Services
  • I currently work for a company called Champion Energy Services. I decided to start collecting some of my personal favorite projects. 
    (Champion Energy is ranked among the top retail electric providers in the United States. Champion Energy currently serves residential, governmental, commercial and industrial customers in deregulated electric energy markets.)
  • We had an Ad spot in the Houston chronicle and these were the two ads I designed for it. Even though the one on the right was selected because it was more like what the company was producing at the time, the one on the left would be later used as the foundation for later projects.
  • I when I started designing this years earth day shirt i wasn't planing on basing it on last year's design. Is it safe to call it a series now I should I wait until next years design. ( mock-up picture created using Designbyhumans t-shirt templates)
  • This is a big project that I was put in place with, The company had me design sales sheet for our brokers the project is never ending since the information is fluid. 
  • We are tasked with developing a logo to represent the collective group of organizations Champion Energy belongs to known as "The Crane Companies". This was the logo that was picked and I designed.
  • A flash web banner for a site called Relocating to Houston. It's my second animated flash banner. I think it came out pretty well
  • I was asked to create an email with three different messages by the head of our affinity program. So I decided to change things up a little bit.
  • Earlier this year I got to design billboards for our company, and they got placed all over Houston and Dallas. I have to say it was a great learning experience. I learned a lot during and after the project was done. I can't wait to tackle it again.