Sharpie Advertisements

  • Part of an IMC campaign
  • The following are three seamless advertisements that were created by a team of six as part of an IMC campaign for colored Sharpies. These ads are targeted towards college students age 17-24 using sex and humor appeals. After doing the appropriate research we found that these appeals would be the most appropriate. We wanted to keep the ads simple and open ended. The purpose is for college students to use Sharpies to decorate the page and get in touch with their creative side, and at the same time be reminded of what Sharpie has to offer. Once they decorate the page then they can send it back to Sharpie to be entered in a contest to win a free spring break. It's really a campaign for Sharpie to remind their consumers about the brand and to encourage creativity. 

    Also, below is a commercial we created to go along with the print ads. Basically, the video shows people drawing or doodling on the blank page.