BUNKR Rebrand

  • Bunkr Rebrand

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    Branding & Identity
    Web Design
    Signage & Wayfinding
    Promotional Advertising

    Awards & Recognition
    AIGA Kansas City A10 Award
    AIGA Member Gallery
    Behance Student Show
    Canva Design School

    A rebrand proposal for The Bunker, a local lifestyle and apparel shop in Kansas City, Missouri. The overall goal of the rebrand was to develop a cohesive identity system for both the in-store and online shopping experiences. I focused heavily on fully representing the store's morals and beliefs, especially regarding independent style. 

    This was a hypothetical case study. The system is not currently in use. 
  • The Bunker is a safe haven from mainstream retail shopping, offering customers hand-picked brands and lifestyle products which promote self expression and discovery of oneself through style.

    Taking the brand essence into consideration, I established a set of four attributes to guide the design process:
  • •  Expressive individuals who are not afraid to stray from the status quo
    •  Creative Thinkers
    •  Independent Style Enthusiasts
    •  Adventure Seekers
    •  Those who appreciate quality goods
    •  Those who live for moments of discovery
    •  Focused on millennials, 18 - 32, as a key demographic, but offering something for any age group
  • Brand Tagline
  • Typography

    The heavy slab serif in the logotype focuses on stability and draws inspiration from vintage military stamped lettering. Din Pro in several bold and condensed weights are utilized for headlines and tag lines and contrasts the primarily slab serif. Baskerville is utilized for body copy and for accents or "moments of discovery".
  • The Bomb
    Closely associated with the military concept and what a bunker protects from. Symbolizes impact.

    The Chevron
    The chevron symbol is based on military rank and service, while also focusing on the drift impact of the bomb.

    The Logotype
    The logotype lacks the letter E, focusing on captivation and discovery and also references stamped words on military equipment, often with abbreviated titles on bags or vehicles.
  • Graphic Elements

    Linear elements and rectangular forms reference protection and stability and emphasize important information. A combination of the rectangular form and directional lines are used with text on image overlays for clarity and legibility. A badge grounds the mark when utilized independently.
  • Web Experience

    The website is a direct extension of the in store shopping experience. The branding is cohesive and the site opens up the line of carefully curated products to a new and much broader audience. The blog also offers a space to advertise sales or events.
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