Significant Nonsense: Experiments

    I have a folder on my desktop that I dump inspiration in to. I take photos and screenshots of things that interest me and save them for later. Over the course of this project, there were certainly days where I struggled to come up with an idea for the day’s post, so I would run through this folder and see if any of the images sparked an idea. Some fun and experimental things came out of this folder because I allowed myself the freedom to do whatever I wanted each day.
  • November 14: I follow the blog of Anatol Knotek which is where I saw a piece he made using matches. I was intrigued by the process and the smoke residue left behind, so I tried it myself to see what would happen.
  • November 15: Some early morning snap shots of yesterday’s experiment sans matches. Though the process was very fun, I was more intrigued by the pieces after they had been snuffed out and how the smoke crept up the canvas board and left a gestural mark. 
  • December 2: Sneak peek of a new experimental project in the works.
  • December 3: …this is happening. I can not wait to see the results.
  • December 4: The result of yesterday’s freezing. The hardest part was selecting which photos to show, there were so many interesting textures and compositions.
  • December 5: My spicy experiment melting. I wanted to photograph it melting in the morning light before I went to work, so I dragged my white drafting table into the living room, where I tried to expedite the process by pouring warm water over the ice. I could not quite get the table level, thus I made a watery mess.
  • December 6: I have a terrible stomach virus and not much energy to make something new, so I took another look through my photos from yesterday and zoomed into to create some new compositions.
  • December 7: An idea for a new project, still using water as the basis, but adding some color in.
  • December 8: I froze yesterday’s experiment. As it froze, I gradually added more color and eventually added a whole new layer of water on top of the already frozen layer. I believe this technique lead to the pockets of color frozen within, which revealed themselves as it melted. Not entirely sure where I am going with this yet, but I am curious to see where it will lead.
  • October 22: I’ve been going a little paper crazy lately and had to put my new notebook project on the back burner so that I could play with this idea. I find it fascinating how the words and letters change drastically when the paper is folded, and change even more so depending on the perspective.
  • May 13: Photographs of crumpled lined paper.
  • May 16: These lines just keep getting better and better. Today I cut one of the pages into strips and played with it on my photocopier; this is what emerged.

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