Significant Nonsense: Doodles

    Some days it was nice to take a break from the computer and just draw. Many of these started out as a doodle in the margin or pencil sketch in the notebook later to be elaborated on with a very fine tip black pen (sometimes watercolors joined the party). I never considered myself much of an illustrator, so it is nice to look back over these and see how my skills have developed.
  • November 29: Sitting at my mom’s sunny desk in their new house, doodling and enjoying a relaxing morning.
  • November 30: Another line drawing in the works.
  • December 1: A chalkboard doodle following the pattern I established yesterday.
  • October 6: After seeing a vintage, Egyptian-inspired, beetle necklace on an episode of Antiques Roadshow (a guilty pleasure of mine), I started thinking about beetles. I did some research and decided to draw a few.
  • October 7: I thought I would like the simplicity of these scarabs more than yesterday’s somewhat realistic beetles, but I thought wrong.
  • July 23: I spent some time today reading about honeycomb; it’s pretty interesting stuff. I also participated in a brainstorming sesh at Parson’s with members of my AIGA Mentor group regarding our group project. My notebook is currently on fire.
  • July 26: Painting with watercolors and honey.
  • October 9: My pal Christian tweeted at me this morning asking to see some color, which made me realize what my recent designs have been lacking; so I broke out the watercolors.
  • October 10: I really liked how yesterday’s arrows came out, so I thought I’d doodle some more today. I’ve been reading about archery and decided I’d try a more accurate arrow design.
  • July 2: Finding this hand drawn version of yesterdays design much more appealing. Not quite sold on the color palette, but I scanned the line drawing before I colored it in, so I can play around with others in the future.
  • June 10: Saw Glen Hansard and Lisa Hannigan at the free Millennium Park concert series, Downtown Sound; it was awesome. I did these little doodles while singing and basking in the sun.
  • December 22: Working on a little watercolor for my mom’s birthday.
  • August 10: I am not exactly sure how the conversation started, but my friend and I were talking about pulling up carrots today, so I drew some.
  • August 11: Made yesterday’s carrot drawing into a logo. 
  • December 9: I spent some time this morning thinking about my blue experiment and thought that some fish would accompany it well. I planned to fill up this whole page, but these fish were pretty time consuming.
  • December 10: More fish doodles! I like the deep sea angler best because it’s weird looking.
  • December 12: Finished my sketchy fish skeleton. This guy was very difficult because of all the little details, but the process was enjoyable.
  • December 16: Ditched the fish and went right for the gold. Picked up some new paints and pens and am going to see where this takes me.
  • December 17: Drawing over yesterday’s painting with pens. My scanner is yet again doing these no justice, this is more metallic in real life, but you can get the idea.
  • October 17: It’s almost time for a new notebook, thus I plan to create some new prints and such to fill the signatures with. The monotype methods I use lend themselves nicely to linear drawings, so a doodled this today. 
  • August 30: I’ve been experimenting with woodgrain patterns, so tonight I drew a few more and plan to manipulate them on my photocopier in the morning. I’m guessing this one is going to prove most interesting.
  • August 31: I’m finding these to be much more natural looking than my original drawings, something about the gesture and weight of the lines.
  • October 30: Yesterday I asked Twitter for fine tip pen suggestions then ran to Blick’s today to pick some of those suggestions up. I purchased a few Copic Multiliners, a LePen Drawing and a Rapidograph, and am having a lot of fun experimenting with them.

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