• London 2012
    Identity, Branding, Stationery System, Collateral, Vehicle Application, Web and App.
  • The London 2012 Movement—to promote an active lifestyle and sustainable movement throughout the world’s youth.
  • The graphic style manual for the redesign of the London 2012 Identity. Information includes branding and collateral, as well as Identity standards such as color, type, size, usage, etc.
  • Stationery System for the London 2012 brand. Shown include front and back of letterhead, business card, and envelope. When bands are used by identity and body text, gray is to be used; on opposite side bands may be used in full color palette.
  • Event Passes System-The system includes a custom London 2012 lanyard, which is the same print on the London 2012 Olympic Games medals. Off the lanyard is a PED, a Personal Electronic Device, which performs programmable functions that are customizable per user. Clipped to the PED is a removable pass holder, for when passes are not needed, to cut down on bulk when traveling around the games. When attached it can hold Event Tickets, Name ID’s, maps, etc.
  • Taking the well known red, double decker bus, London 2012’s application is a white bus, one that will stand out amongst the rest of London’s vehicles, to promote the London 2012 Movement.
  • The application for the London 2012 continues to promote to the youth of this generation to be active, get out, and Join the Movement. Check ins at an Olympic Venue or event earns points toward your own personal movement, logged through the user’s account. The application has features to log your Olympic activities, countdown to anticipated events, and even a personal pedometer.
  • The website for the London 2012 Games has been designed for user efficiency. All main categories are color coded, and are available in a pop out menu that extends out of the flame. Also shown are the "Tickets" and "Events" sub pages.