Cadmium, January 2014 issue

  • Project year: 2014
    Cadmium January 2014 (short-run student zine)
    Published by the OCAD Student Union, February 2014

    The OCAD Student Union commissions a different editor for each issue of Cadmium and I was approached for the January 2014 issue. The editor is responsible for both designing the layout and creating/obtaining and editing content.
    The design imposes a couple of CJK typographical features into the English-language layout, specifically the italic angle of Chinese italic faces and the writing direction of traditional right-to-left vertical typography. In both cases things are perceived to be “reversed”, thus alluding to a “foreignness” of Chinese typography without resorting to clichés such as amateurish brush strokes.
    Except for the requirement that the layout must fit onto a double-sided 11"×17" sheet, a few sections were also required, one being a new episode for a continuing story (i.e., a textual “exquisite corpse”). The story is presented in a mock manga format (in addition to the expected text version) to “justify” the right-to-left reading order.
    Physical size: 4¼" × 5½", 16 pages

    OCAD SU logo: OCAD Student Union
    Artwork depicted on page 4: Biwei Tan, Ryan Pollard
    Artwork reproduced on page 7: Larry Kwok
    Interviews: Dick Margulis (copyediting-l), Robin Tieu (OCAD U), Stüssy Tschudin (RGD)
    Quote on back page: Four Ways to Red by Dave Finkelnburg
    Special thanks to Hilary Ashworth (RGD) for directing my interview questions to the right person
  • Front cover
  • Pages 2–3, opening as a faux manga to “justify” the reversed flipping direction
  • Recto page shows photograph of work of several students in the Domestic Ceramics course
  • Verso shows work by Lawrence Kwok (INCD)
  • Back cover
  • Mockup to determine how the final 11x17" sheet should be laid out
  • Sketch for analyzing the geography of the existing story line (eight episodes written by previous editors)
  • Sketching out the story
  • Writing out the zine’s title with a brush
  • FInal 11x17" layout