Plumb Identity

  • Plumb Goods is a line of notebooks envisioned, designed, and illustrated by contemporary artists — created in collaboration between Knock Knock, Tucker Nichols, and the studio of MacFadden and Thorpe. 

    The identity reimagines the plumb bob (a tool for creating vertical reference lines) as a bookmark tab. The extended color palette makes it adaptable to the variety of artists’ journals and their different packaging and the identity system adjusts to various applications including print, web, and packaging.
    Studio: MacFadden and Thorpe 
  • ^ The color palette includes three sets of colors: classic darks, neutral pastels, and synthetic brights. These can be used in combinations across a variety of print collateral or appear in a single bright color for labels. The mark can also appear in a pinstripe fill as a variation.
    ^ design preliminaries of color possibilities