Life Below Zero

  • We really like this show when we saw. It was feeling real and harsh. So for the graphics we wanted to go with something real. To give the feeling of cold, frozen, harsh circumstances. 
    We decided to shoot the type in the ice. For a week, we tried to experiment as much as we can. We printed out bunch of type on acetate paper, and were freezing them in different shapes and scales of plastic bags and glasses. Then we shot them while the frozen ice was melting and revealing the type.
  • Client: NAT GEO
    Creative Director: Brian Everett
    Production: yU+co
    Creative Direction: Garson Yu
    Direction & Lead Design: Mert Kizilay
    Live Action: Mert Kizilay & Edwin Baker
    Art Direction: Synderela Peng
    Motion Design: Johnny Wong