NYC DOE Teacher Data Initiative

  • NYC DOE Teacher Data Initiative
    Identity system and style guide
  • Areas:  Strategy, Copywriting, Illustration, Print Design
    Needs:  The NYC Department of Education’s Teacher Data Initiative asked me to provide style guidelines for the developers creating its three flagship reports. Each report presented a different perspective on New York City teacher performance. The first report contained information specific to individual teachers; the second report broke down a school's teacher performance by grade; and the third report provided an overview of a school's teacher performance as a whole. They needed a style sheet that was expansive enough to support a wide array of information but contained enough to give the reports a shared identity.
    Solution:  I developed a solution tailored for the reports' two primary audiences: teachers and principals. As teachers had disregarded earlier versions of the reports, I presented the data itself quite boldly to garner attention, as seen on the cover page concept. In the body of the reports, however, I led with kind, upbeat explanations of the data and tools to make the data actionable. I gave the reports an open layout and a clear visual hierarchy so principals could scan them quickly. Upon their release, the reports were widely admired in academic circles for their legibility; they have since influenced similarly wide-reaching reports in cities including Los Angeles and Chicago.
  • The eyes have it:  The report cover template contains a single, bold graphic to spur curiosity.
  • Name dropping:  Taking a page from the direct marketing handbook, we directly addressed each teacherby his or her first name in the text.
  • Color theory:  Charts were designed to be self-explanatory, with colors corresponding to the different uses for the data.