• CommonMind
    Brand refresh, print collateral, and Web site UI/UX
  • Areas:  Strategy, Illustration, Visual UI Design, UX Design, Programming, Social Media
    Needs:  The CEO of CommonMind, an established Web hosting and marketing firm, had decided to refocus his business solely on Web analytics. He needed his brand revised to articulate this new focus.
    Solution:  The new CommonMind only sought clients needing Web traffic analysis and Web traffic optimization:  the redesign expresses the company's new commitment to these two groups. First, I split CommonMind's logo into two parts and simplified the company style sheet. Next, I rebuilt the company Web site around its two audiences. The CEO is thrilled that CommonMind's brand is now as streamlined as the company itself.
  • Two-part invention:  The refreshed logo is a crisp, bright rendition of CommonMind's darker, more diffuse original logo.
  • Whole grains:  A textured background keeps the Web site's simple layout and color scheme from looking flat.
  • Fearful symmetry:  The Web site's design consistently plays on the two services that the company offers.
  • Plainspoken:  The design is carried into the company's social media outlets as well.
  • Found in space:  The minimalist design adapts well to most kinds of media.