• The Link
    Brand, Web site UI/UX, and e-mail newsletter concepts
  • Areas:  Strategy, Illustration, Internet Marketing, Web Design
    Needs:  Omnicom Group was building an online clearinghouse for information about its employee enrichment programs. The company needed a design for the new portal that commanded attention without overshadowing the actual programs.
    Solution:  I created an identity strong enough to provide coherency, but neutral enough to allow the programs to dominate. We adapted the Web portal name ("The Link") from the name of an existing site and based all other names on this root (e.g., "Relinked"). Next, I drew the portal a weighty logo, but in anonymous whites and grays. I kept structural elements similarly low-key: in this design, the content rules.
  • Creative disorder:  Newsletters feature humor and familiar logos to set a light tone for the new site.
  • Breaking the ice:  Vivid images and excerpts in the e-mail newsletters coax users into the Web portal.
  • Speaking softly:  The logo is set in soft neutrals to ensure internal brands are the main focus.
  • Safe at home:  Each of the three channels in the portal has its own home page.