Habitat for Humanity Multimedia Project

  • Interactive Journalism:
    Habitat for Humanity, multimedia project

    In this course I learned the basics of preparing stories for an interactive experience (brainstorming, reporting, writing, media gathering), as well as the requisite basic software tools such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Dreamweaver and WordPress, as well as an understanding of the major Web browsers and image-gathering technique.  Visit the website at: http://art.uark.edu/aij/ and click on Habitat for Humanity; Building more than homes to see the project in its' complete form.
  • The Arkansas Angle:
    website flag graphic

    Class instructors asked for concepts for the websites flag graphic for extra credit .  I successfully applied typographic and brand identity principles to create the resulting flag graphic for The Arkansas Angle website.
  • Sidebar 2:
    Audio Slideshow

    Requirements: At least 10 to 15 images with audio narration, completed in Final Cut Pro. Can employ excerpts from recorded interviews and natural/on-location sounds (“NATS”). May have video clips

  • Sidebar 3:

    Requirements: Create an accompanying video element, with a 2-3 minute duration and 2 to 3 interview subjects and “B-roll” footage, using Final Cut Pro.