• Diversified Agency Services
    Web site UI
  • Areas:  Strategy, Illustration, Visual UI Design, Programming
    Needs:  Diversified Agency Services (DAS) needed a Web site that captured its personality. Its existing site, a bland mix of gray and beige, didn't convey what DAS does:  help marketing firms collaborate with each other. The new site had to be more inviting.
    Solution:  I created a look to suggest warmth, approachability, and creativity. The background of sun-washed canvas makes the screen look warm and enticingly touchable; it also subtly references the creative artists in DAS' agencies. Painterly, semi-transparent dabs of color on the home page add yet more warmth. This design proved so popular that I was asked to adapt it for other DAS properties, including its graduate recruitment site.
  • Spectrum of talent:  The home page illustration references the colors of DAS' three internal divisions.
  • Search light:  The search page's style sheet melds with both this site's design and the design of the company intranet.
  • Driving it home:  The new look is carried into this image I created for the DAS Europe graduate recruitment program.