à la disposition

  • à la disposition
    Fall/Winter 2010 collection Web site UI/UX
  • Areas:  Project Management, Visual UI Design, UX Design, Programming

    Needs:  The fashion line à la disposition has a unique audience:  avant-garde clothing connoisseurs. An online store was the logical way to reach this small, scattered group. But it would need to tread the fine line between art and commerce.

    Solution:  We created a minimalist gallery designed to make visitors appreciate fine details in the clothing. The site's landing page was a full-screen video featuring pieces from the collection that drew users into the collection's conceptual narrative. The shopping cart itself was a black canvas containing a scrollable marquee of revolving collection pieces.
  • Home page:  Low-resolution video visually suggested experimental film (and downloaded quickly).
  • Form follows fashion:  The product index was designed to look like a moving clothing rack so that the designers could control the sequence in which goods were shown.
  • Product details:  Upon clicking on an image, a panel slid out to reveal product information and purchasing options.