Health For Life Initiative

  • The challenge was to a brand identity and collateral materials for a suite of health studies. The Health For Life Initiative is the umbrella which is launching the Guelph Family Health Study. A longitudinal cohort in Guelph area where the goal is to be able to develop, test, and refine family-based obesity prevention interventions. The Guelph Family Health Study is the first “baby” of the Health For Life Initiative, intended to help the population live better and healthier lives.
    Since the health materials usually have a lot of data, and the logo would be paired with a study (which might have its own logo), the solution had to be simple and recognizable. The solution devised for the logo illustrates the steps of the program, using thin, technical shapes. The square focuses the the words Health and Life, while using the right edge to mark the steps of the program, along with the stems of F(or) and I(nitiative).
    The color had to be bold, to show initiative, optimism and safety. The identity pairs vivid, warm and friendly photos with bold, flat elements, in order to attract the attention and spread the core message fast.
    The recruiting of participants will be done both offline, via posters and flyers and online, through its website.
    —Brand consultant: Mike F. Jean, of Miko Communications.
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