Delicia's Gourmet Seafood Bistro

  • This was the Graphics 2 final at FHSU. Our team included Juan, Jane, Julie, Casey, and myself.
    The mission was to develop and brand a sandwich shop and design the print and packaging for it.

    As the story goes...
    There once was a boy who had set out to sea with his father. A storm came and he was tossed overboard - but a mermaid saved him from drowning and then disappeared. Now as a young man, he has his on restaurant on the seaside and named it after the mermaid, Delicia. Every evening he watches a lone rock in the ocean and sometimes there he can see the shimmering golden hair and scales of his mermaid.

    Task list:
    Stationary (letterhead, envelope, business card),  
    Menu (which includes a total of 24 items including two seasonal items)
    An ad (newspaper, radio, magazine etc..)
    Uniform (the following image displays our nametags as well as a black ascot tie)
    3 Specialty Items include our Spicy Cocktail Sauce, Sea Salt, and frozen bread.
    Our 2 additional items include three coasters (pictures below) as well as an open and close sign.
    Enjoy and Appreciate! Thanks
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