Kitty's Kitchen Cat Food Line

  • The objective was to design a cat food line that would stand out from other on-shelf brands. Kitty's Kitchen embodies the idea of fresh meals made with love in the safety and comfort of home. The image dominate design is relatable and the character, Kitty, becomes a trustworthy face sure to be adopted into any household. The typographic detail running along the sides of the packaging acts as an interesting aesthetic as well as a useful resource for tips on caring for your cat. Throughout the packaging, Kitty is seen interacting with different products in a fun way which helps give Kitty’s Kitchen a sense of character and life.
    Kitty's Kitchen mixes up the best fresh meals for every feline inside and outside of your home. We offer delicious blends of organic free-range ingredients and the perfect play toys that will keep your cat entertained and active for optimal health. Preparing any meal of the day with Kitty’s Kitchen will prove to be an easy and enjoyable experience. Have fun cooking in the kitchen with Kitty.
    Design ~ Packaging Award