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    Brand Strategy & Development
  • The idea behind this startup was to create a boutique-centric e-commerce site that would revive the independent shop culture of downtown NYC. By providing a free web presence for small fashion boutiques in exchange for a small commission of online sales STS sought to empower small shops by helping them compete with much larger fashion e-commerce sites.
  • The identity for Shop The had to be high-end and hip while conveying the excitement of shopping in a large city. In the end, we felt that focusing on the city–the buildings that house the actual shops and boutiques—would be the most effective way to convey the idea of downtown, boutique shopping.
  • The brand image had to be striking, bold and confident, but also had to be instantly recognizable and impactful at twenty pixels high on a website or twenty feet high on a billboard.
  • image used for client presentation purposes only, photography copyright Prada 2010
  • I helped STS develop a pitch packet for boutiques that utilized market research and a slick aesthetic to convey all that small boutiques had to benefit by partnering with STS. 
  • The number of clothing boutiques in urban areas continues to decline—at the same time, more and more people are doing their shopping online—both male and female. For this reason the identity and overall brand of STS had to be androgynous enough to attract both sexes, while still feeling very fashion forward.
  • The website had to be easy to navigate while reinforcing the chic, fashion-forward, bold, confident and exciting brand image of Shop The 
  • client mock-ups only, photography copyright FCUK 2010
  • client mock-ups only, photography copyright FCUK 2010
  • "Integrity, passion, superb aesthetic, professionalism... Rob provided me with a remarkable experience and greatly exceeded my expectations. He delivered a high quality branding package ahead of schedule and we even used his market research for our pitch packets. To this day, my business cards continue to impress and evoke envy. I look forward to working with him again!"

    -Nicole Degraw, Creator of Shop The