Hecho in Minnesota - Posters Designed By UNO Branding

  • UNO Poster Book is “Hecho in Minnesota”... for Minnesota

    Art precisely imitateslife in Luis Fitch’s new book, “Hecho in Minnesota: Posters Designed by UNOBranding.” This colorfully elegantposter collection documents the recent Twin Cities’ decade-long movement towarda cross-cultural landscape. Speaking to both Hispanics and Anglos, the works reflect a new Americanfabric: a fusion of traditional and modern Hispanic culture in theMidwest. “Hecho in Minnesota” is atribute to the state’s evolving Hispanic experience, illustrating a culturaljourney from the early days to current-day.

    From an emerging localpresence to a burgeoning force, Minnesota’s Hispanic population has grown by75% since 2010, The result: a rich new culture to share with fellowMinneapolitans – art, food, celebrations, traditions, values. Therefore, much of the poster workcenters around cultural institutions celebrated at the Mercado Central –Minneapolis’ Hispanic merchant collective and cultural nucleus. It is a storytold through artistry, often with a tinge of wry humor.

    As a medium, postersresonate deeply and historically with Hispanics. As an art form, they connect the old with the new andMinnesotans with Hispanics. From the quietly nostalgic tothe overtly commercial, Mr. Fitch’s posters make a definitive statement aboutthe contemporary Minnesotan Hispanic lifestyle. The cultural significance and familiarity of this mediummake it an ideal communication vehicle for local companies wishing to reach theHispanic community – and Mr. Fitch is the ideal poster-maker to craft suchcommercial messages. As a Mexiconative, Hispanic fine art/visual design expert, and prominent Hispaniccommunity supporter, he is frequently commissioned for poster work by localcompanies and non profit organizations like Target Stores, Aurora CharterElementary, Minneapolis Institute of Art and Mercado Central. Several of those posters are showcasedin the book.

    While the book’s appealis universal, the story is uniquely Minnesotan – a nod to a blendingcommunity. In an age when nearlyeverything is “Made in China,” Mr. Fitch made a concerted effort to launch abook that is “locally grown” –“Hecho in Minnesota.” It was authored, assembled, and printed in Minnesota – acollaborative work of the local populace and merchants.

    Author Luis Fitch isfounder and principal of UNO Hispanic Branding, an award-winning Hispanicstrategic design firm headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. Since its inception in 1999, asMinnesota’s first Hispanic branding agency, UNO has assisted several Fortune500 clients with effectively serving the Hispanic market. Luis wasraised in Mexico, studied at the prestigious Art Center College of Design inLos Angeles, and has since specialized in reaching domestic and internationalHispanic markets.

    For more information,contact Carolina Ornelas at 612. 874.1920 ext.12, or view the company web siteat www.unobranding.com.