Ilha Formosa

  • book & poster & bookmark, 2011
  • This promotion set includes a book, bookmark, and poster, all of which was designed to introduce Taiwan. 
    It is not only a book with a collection of nice delicate paper-illustration, but also an infographic book. 
    I translated some normal facts into interesting numbers, and then used paper-illustration to make the infographics.
    When I came to the United States, I noticed that many people don't know my hometown Taiwan. Some people even cannot tell the difference between Taiwan and Thailand, just because they sound alike. As a designer, I think I should do something to promote this beautiful island. 
    I would like to do something very different from the other books about Taiwan. It would definitely not be a tourist guide, nor a boring government-published book. It should be interesting and casual, but also clear in delivering the information about Taiwan. 
  • The cover of the book is just like someone is watching Taiwan with a telescope, and said "Ilha formosa." It is inspired by the story of the first time Europeans found Taiwan. They looked at this beautiful island and said "Ilha formosa" which means a beautiful island in Portuguese. After that, "Formosa" had been used as a name of this island (Taiwan) in the West for hundreds of years.  
  • The population of mainland China is 59 times larger than Taiwan. If mainland China's population is the whole dish, Taiwan is just one piece of chicken. (This dish is a famous Chinese dish – Kong Bao Chicken)
  • Every year about 18,500 earthquakes occur in Taiwan, of which about 1,000  earthquakes can be detected. That is to say, 50.7 earthquakes occur per day, of which about 2 to 3 can be felt.
  • When the reader is using the bookmark, it looks just like there is an island floating on the edge of the page. 
  • The poster, book and bookmark.