The MEAT—Social Marketing Workshop

  • At Jibe, we know that social media is a fat topic. With so many platforms and methods, marketers are frustrated and confused. That’s why we developed The MEAT, a 2-hour workshop designed to help marketers cut through the fat and get the meat of what matters when it comes to social media marketing. With such a fun concept, we couldn’t help but go hog-wild (pun intended) in the production of event materials. Invitees receive a save-the-date butcher’s ticket and a mailer featuring a delightfully old-fashioned depiction of backyard grilling. Workshop attendees each receive an apron and a square-steak booklet bundled up in custom-designed butcher paper.
    With such whimsical parting gifts, our guests never leave with a bad taste in their mouth!
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  • This video is a fun 10-minute countdown timer (sped up for display purposes, of course) used during the break in our workshop. It illustrates the irreverant and silly process of turning a young cow into a steak on a grill.