Black & White Paper Cut Stop Motion

  • A 10-second stop motion animation loop constructed entirely from black and white cut paper.

    I've looped the project here for around one minute. Shot in one evening on my Iphone4s with VSCOcam and a hand made tripod adapter. This stop motion project was created with a small three man team team for a class project at BGSU.

    The assignment was to create a 10-second seamless loop at 30 FPS, 300 still images.

    I created the concept for the piece with my team and we all got to work on building for the shoot. I've never shot a stop motion before, this was my first, though I was confident we could do something reasonably intensive. My partners in crime from conception to production were also first timers, being myself, C. Hatfield, as well as D. Brennan & C. Folk. All three of us are students of various art disciplines @ BGSU.

    Once we shot, I edited on the fly and compiled audio. The entire process from start to finish was probably about 18-20 hours scheduled with meetings around various classes, but that includes all aspects of production. The shooting itself clocked in around 6-7 hours, which included all set up and tear down. The overall budget was approximately $50.00, but we had a surplus of paper which could have gone on for many more environemnts and objects.

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    Audio sources remixed and compiledĀ from:

    And I utilized the following files: (Big thank you to such a great resource. Honor their attribution requests.)


    I followed this video's instructions to build my iphone tripod adapter.