Discovery Communications was considering naming its new second screen experience SYNC.  I was tasked with developing a logo for this new feature. The logo created can be applied to any of the networks that are a part of the Discovery Communications umbrella. Overtime the logo could be simplified and become
    a marketing tool as viewers learn to recognize it. 
    PHASE 1
    This is the Introduction Phase. 
    In Phase 1 the word "Sync" would be written out in full with the sync arrow lines on either side of it.
    These lines would animate on and expand out to reveal the word.
    PHASE 2
    This is the Simplification Phase. 
    Now the word SYNC has disappeared and the arrows now appear around the network name.
    This time when the arrows spin they would reveal the net as they pulled apart. 
    The logo can be applied to all of the nets. Below is an example with Animal Planet and TLC. 
    A storyboard was created for a promo that could be launched to start training viewers to recognize the new mark and the feature it is announcing.
    Before every sync-enabled show this announcement could appear to let viewers know it is time to pull out their devices to launch the enhanced second screen experience.   
    The Sync brand really lends itself to some playful applications. Viewers could be asked via social media "What do you Sync?" This is not only playful, but also serves as a way to gather stats on the most synced shows. 
    Eventually just the arrows themselves could be used as a marketing tool, making the sync feature recognizable against any key art...