Taking Over

  • Taking Over
    Purifying San Francisco's most polluted creek
  • Taking Over is a speculative solution towards a utopian future for the abandoned industrial Islais Creek area in San Francisco. With historic identities as meatpacking district and industrial port, the region’s soil and water contamination levels are the highest in the city.
    Selecting phytoremediation as a means of purification with the introduction of invasive “balance-restoring” species (Indian Mustard (Brassica juncea Czern) selected specifically for this project) would allow nature to reclaim the space through a cathartic uprising of delicate blooms.
    As a collaboration between designers and locative media artists, this transformative installation is documented in a collective publication of alternative solutions for the region. 
    Locative Media Team:
    Sean Bennett, Jillian Sanchez
    Design Team:
    Victoria Gouzikovski, Nancy Salcedo, Felix Wang

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