Gettin' Ribby Wit It

  • For this project, the assignment was to create branding for a food truck company, existing or fictional. I chose to create a fictional food truck that sells BBQ ribs, sides and drinks -- Gettin' Ribby Wit It. The components of the project include logo exploration, designing the panels of a food truck, creating a menu and creating packaging for the brand.
  • Logo exploration for Gettin' Ribby Wit It. 
  • Final logo selected (top left) and shown in other variations.
  • Final logo with color applied in various ways. 
  • Food truck wrap. 
  • Menu for Gettin' Ribby Wit It. My truck featured BBQ ribs (primarily pork but also beef) as the main entree with classic accompaniments and beverages. 
  • Pattern for a wax paper, to be used as a tray or basket liner. 
  • Towelettes for Gettin' Ribby Wit It. 
  • Tray liner.