Vote LoLa - Big Game Campaign

  • In the summer of 2013, Locally Laid Egg Company entered Intuit's Small Business, Big Game competition. What began by submitting an essay for Round 1 turned into a competition among 15,000 small businesses across the United States that eventually wound through 3 more rounds, narrowing down the competition to the Top 4.
    On November 5, 2013, Locally Laid found out 6 days prior to public knowledge that they had advanced to the Top 4. That left 6 days to prepare a campaign that would rally their modest 1,500 Facebook fans and customers across the midwest to vote daily for local food to win a $4M ad in the Super Bowl.
 was created as a design solution for redirecting audiences to Intuit's voting platform, while giving Locally Laid a link to put on materials prior to knowing the actual voting URL.
  • This announcement video was created in partnership with Happy Tree Productions from Duluth, Minnesota to let Locally Laid's peeps know about the exciting news and kickoff the voting campaign.
  • What started as a simple URL, along with clever messaging and aesthetic driven heavily by Locally Laid's brand combined with House Industries' Ed Interlock, turned into posters, t-shirts, and necessary voting collateral such as yard signs and stickers.
  • From there, community members donated advertisement space across websites, Facebook and magazines.
  • Local restaurants quickly rallied together by placing table tents in their dining spaces and handing out 2x6 inch "Vote Lola" fliers to customers, as well as placing them atop to go orders.
  • Individuals showed their support as being "one of LoLa's peeps" through selfies, made with DIY printouts.
  • A slew of local businesses replaced their marquees with the URL. The amount of businesses showing their support has gone viral and continues to grow daily.
  • People also painted their cars and posted handmade signs with their own renderings of the VoteLoLa creative.
  • The UMD Center for Economic Developement even wrote a parody song to The Kink's "Lola" and produced this video to show their support.
  • As of November 19, Locally Laid has doubled their Facebook likes and rallied together an entire community, and state, to vote for local food and business in support of winning a Super Bowl ad.
    The winner of Intuit's Small Business, Big Game competition will be announced January 1, 2014, as voting continues through December 1.
    To vote for Locally Laid Egg Company, please visit