Lghtmtr - iOS App for Film Photography

  • Lghtmtr is a simple, minimalistic light meter app for the iPhone® and iPod Touch®. It enables users to quickly and accurately obtain the correct exposure settings in a matter of seconds for a variety of scenes, and then adjust as needed.
    Shutter Speed, f-Stop, and ISO?
    One of the more frustrating parts of learning how to use your analog camera is learning the relationships between shutter speed, the aperture, and the ISO settings. Lghtmtr helps take the guess work out until you have mastery over this knowledge.
    Quickly figure out your proper exposure.
    One hand and a just a few taps on the screen is all it takes to get the information you need. Are the recommended selections not exactly what you’d prefer? Go ahead lock a selection in (maybe your ISO), change another (perhaps the f-stop), and Lghtmtr will automatically readjust the last metric (shutter speed) for you.
    For more information: lghtmtr.com