WASHTech / Wateraid - style boards for explainer video

  • I was asked to design a full storyboard for a video explaining the Vision Of Sustainable WASH Services.
    The film focused on explaining the implementation of water and sanitary facilities in certain developing countries It had to mix a series of interviews, with explanatory graphics.

    The style I had to come up with had to be in line with the WashTech branding, and, at the same time, show information in a clear, organised manner.

    In order to tell the story and maintain a consistent look throughout the video, I decided to create an interface-like design in which the viewer explores a generic wireframe village. Utilising slow camera moves as if scanning through a plain landscape, the viewer would be presented with data only from certain areas.
  • Role: Design, Illustration
    Client: WASHTech / Wateraid
    Creative Director: Alex Donne Johnson
    Producer: Jody McAlavey
    Produced for Dazzle Ship (2013)