Portland Paper City

  • Portland Paper City
    A Collaborative Paper Installation Project
  • Portland Paper City is a collaborative project that t I co-founded in March of 2009. Over the course of ten months submissions were gathered from designers, paper artists, illustrators, and the general public. With Portland, Oregon as the unifying theme, contributors were asked to explore paper as a medium and create works the expressed there love of our fair city.

    This installation was exhibited in March of 2010 at Disjecta in Portland, OR.

  • Mt. Hood was designed and created in collaboration with artist Peter Bogart. Nearly 1,000 paper triangles were crafted, strung and suspended in a mountain formation mimicking the view of Mt. Hood from the city of Portland.
  • Photo by Laura Jennings
  • Photo by Laura Jennings
  • Photo by Marisa Green
  • Photo by Mercy McNab