Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center Brand Redesign

  • Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center Rebranding
    Communicating place across cultures and literacy levels
  • The SURHC provides health services to low-income patients and immigrants in Kansas City, Missouri. Our team researched the existing conditions and needs of the patients and caregivers to communicate. We redesigned the identity system to reflect the brand vision and values while respecting its history. The expanded identity system expands on the Pelican by using common eco-systems to communicate place across the various use group culture that include Somali, Vietnamese, Russian, and Hispanic. The wayfinding system is designed to accommodate all of these languages and literacy levels. 
  • The design of the Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center by Rafael Architects emulates the form of a pelican's body. The three levels are divided into Sea, Earth and Sky as a parti for guiding visitors through the space. This organization also designates the cast of "characters" living on each floor and the color palette for each clinic.
  • Cross-cultural and language symbol system to communicate various areas and clinics in the facility
  • Touch screen directory allows facility to update for changes in population.
  • Primary Wayfinding Signage
  • Elevator and Bathroom Wayfinding Signage
  • Pediatric Clinic Wall Graphic
  • Dental Clinic Reception & Waiting Area
  • Behavioral Health Clinic Wayfinding
  • Behavioral Health Waiting Room
  • Donor Wall Concept Elevation
  • Donor names are engraved on aluminum "birds" of varying sizes and finishes.
  • Detail of linoleum cut icons helping direct patients to each clinic.