daOMA Booklet

  • design alliance OMAha (daOMA) is about design in all forms and the education and community that perpetuate it. This is accomplished by fostering a continuing and challenging public discourse on the design disciplines and their relationship to our cities, workplace, home and culture.
    Through a world class lecture series, partnership with the Omaha Public Library, film screenings at Film Streams and as the organizer of the city's Pecha Kucha, daOMA advances the understanding of design in Omaha. This booklet briefly captures the journey of the organization over the last six years while serving as a compass for where we're heading in the seventh season.
  • The lecture series has brought many of the world's best architects and designers to the city of Omaha and the state of Nebaska for the first time. Our full speaker list as of the close of 2013 includes: Bruce Mau, Thom Mayne, Linda Loudermilk, Karim Rashid, Hani Rashid, Walter Hood, Craig Dykers, Majora Carter, Paola Antonelli, Fritz Haeg, Yves Behar, Michael Rock, Jeanne Gang and Austin Howe.
    Each speaker has their own dedicated page in the booklet with a brief bio and selected images of their work. The variety of thinking in each of their respective disciplines speaks for itself.
  • Four times a year, we find the most interesting talent in Omaha and surrounding areas and bring them together for a night of 20x20. PKN-OMA events are intimate gatherings of creativity, excitement and positivity in the world of design. 
  • daOMA is about community. It's about bringing people together to celebrate design out here in the middle of America. What has been known to some as flyover country, we proudly refer to as "the middle of everywhere." The next time you find yourself here, please look us up.
  • SPECS: 40pg saddle stitch booklet, final size 5.5x8.5
    4pg Cover Gray:
    2/1 Black/Neon806
    Wausau Paper Royal Laid
    Gray 80lb Cover
    4pg Intro Pink Pages:
    1C Black / 1C Black
    Wausau Paper Astrobrights
    Plasma Pink 65lb Cover
    32pg White Pages:
    4C + Neon 806
    Neenah Papers Classic Crest
    Solar White 100lb Text
    Pink and cyan rubber bands for that extra something special.