De la Rica a la Mesa

  • “De La Rica a la Mesa” celebrates the alliance of Marta de la Rica’s renowned interior design practice and her aunt, Paloma de la Rica cooking mastery through 13 whimsical scenarios where each recipe hides its own story. 

    Fulfilled with witty humor and creativity in each chapter, the book recalls the family’ modus operandi and their distinguished taste.

  • Instead of creating a book of recipes just like any other, Fetén Studio created a narrative that linked the different scenarios and its recipes, framing the final book as a story with different chapters thoughtfully connected.

    Following Marta de la Rica’s whimsical universe and the scenarios depicted in the different photographs of the book, Fetén build the book under the concept of “The reverie’s reminiscence”  referencing that diffuse memory one has after being immersed in a dream, which was visually portrayed in the book’s chapters since each one starts with a blurred image which can be seen clear in the following page.

  • Printed: Offset
    Pages: 402
    Size: 210 x 270 mm
    Typographies: Canela Light & Founders Grotesk Regular (Commercial Type)
    Cover: Imperial fabric & Black stamping
    Interior paper: Munken Lynx 120g  (Artic paper) & Sirio Ultra Back 140g (Fedrigoni)

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