Domo Neighborhood Apartments - Brand

  • Domo Neighbourhood Apartments
    Brand Identity & Creative Direction
    Editorial Newspaper Design & Original Content Production
    Sales Materials, Floorplans, Advertising, etc.

    Domo is a new brand and breath of fresh air in real estate. A high-end, boutique community-living experience inspired by hyper local living and tailored to a millennial audience. When you live at Domo, you enter a community. Each building embodies the spirit of its neighbourhood, from the interior design to the calendar of events to a quarterly newspaper showcasing neighbours, local business owners, restaurants, and more. Domo's premiere location finds itself in Old Port, Montreal, known for its European touch, chic cafes, and old world charm.

    The visual identity is inspired by a tension between upscale quality, design sensibility, friendly touch, and elegant yet eye-catching colour palette. Average condo rules do not apply. Our team developed a custom drawn logo with a charming 'm' detail as well as an artful illustrative style brought to life with artist Catherine Potvin.  Characters were developed to remind us of all the lovely people who make a neighbourhood, a neighbourhood and bring a human touch from ads to floor plans.

    Domo Journal acts as an editorial meets sales tool. Functionally, it shares key infos about the living experience, interior design details, and wider offering. Excitingly, it introduces you to the neighbourhood and a few neighbours in the area. In this edition we meet Director Xavier Dolan's wig stylist, a legendary restauranteur in the Montreal scene, and an installation artist at home.

    Welcome to Domo.