• SDL Team has developed a presentation video for the BIONITY brand. The video is short but intense. In less than 20 seconds, we explained how the shampoo works, its innovative ingredients and brand positioning.

  • With the help of graphics, we literally depicted all the power of the ocean, filling the innovative extract of the green alga CAULEPRA LENTILLIFERA, which is part of BIONITY.  Next, we clearly demonstrated the main function of shampoo: deep hydration of the scalp to the very ends and filling them with energy.  And at the end of the video, under the brand's slogan,
    the packaging in landscapes is demonstrated, which are associated with the natural composition of BIONITY shampoo.


  • Process

  • Short video

  • Stills / Process

  • Credits

    Producer: Vadim Belov
    Art Director: Kirill Peskov
    Design & Animation: Anar Rustamov
    Sound design: Maxim Polyansky
    Creator & Producer: Valentina Tronova

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