Dimensional Practice Website

  • Full set of layouts, showing the differences in User Experience
  • "The Dimensional Practice Area is an adventurous arena of four studio disciplines - Ceramics, 3 Dimensional Design, Metal Arts and Sculpture - built with vigorous conceptual thinking, integrating the parameters of sustainability, commitment to material exploration, and the fabrication of objects/installation with new technologies and traditional processes."
    This is a project for a fully responsive website for the Dimensional Practice Area at the School of Art and Art History. The project had a clear call to action of informing prospective and current students the new organizational structure of the department where before four distinct programs coexisted.
    The idea then is to make the program seem cohesive through its layout and each specific content of each area would then be treated with a specific color. That way, the user can connect to the areas and understand its specificities in a clear manner.
    The project was designed to adapt seamlessly to desktop, laptop, tablet (horizontal and portrait) and smartphone (portrait only) devices, keeping its experience across all platforms.
    Client Liaison: Monica Correia (main coordinator), Steve McGuire, Isabel Barbuzza, Kee-Ho Yuen
    Information Architecture: Vinicius Lima
    Interface Design: Vinicius Lima
    Visual Design: Vinicius Lima
  • Default Styles for the project
  • Desktop Devices
  • Desktop Version
  • Full Layout For Desktop Devices
  • Laptop Devices
  • Laptop Version
  • Full Layout for Laptop Devices
  • Tablet Devices (Landscape)
  • Tablet device (Landscape Orientation)
  • Tablet Device (Landscape Orientation) - Detail of Slide-in Navigation
  • Tablet Device (Landscape) - Full Layout
  • Tablet Devices (Portrait)
  • Tablet Device (Portrait Orientation)
  • Tablet Device (Portrait Orientation) - Detail of Slide-in Navigation
  • Tablet Device (PortraitOrientation) - Full Layout
  • Smartphone Devices
  • Smartphone Device (Portrait Orientation) - Different portions of the page and detail of Slide-in Navigation
  • Smartphone Device - Full Layout