• design alliance OMAha (daOMA) is a non-profit dedicated to public education and appreciation of architecture and the design arts. Its purpose is to keep our design community as a whole more connected, and to provide opportunities for exchange and experience—because these are the true constants of progressive design. 
    The new site launched at the beginning of the organization's seventh season as a place to firmly establish its purpose and its vision for what comes next.
  • CHALLENGE: daOMA is a community organization led by a committed board of directors (myself included) who make six events happen each year. We put on the city's Pecha Kucha night and host two lectures where we bring leading architects and designers to Omaha. Our executive director, Tom Trenolone, has a big vision for what this scrappy non-profit can become. A maturing organization now in our seventh year, somewhat known for our lectures and PKN-OMAs, we needed to up our online presence to tell people how far we've come and where we want to go. Yes, this is flyover country. But it's also design, in the middle of everywhere.
  • SOLUTION: The site is designed to do three things; tell our brand story, let visitors know about upcoming events and showcase the ideas of our past speakers. As the foundation of those main goals, we wanted to also establish why daOMA exists, from the people to the vision to this place that is Nebraska. Large visuals, clean typography and a clear, concise tone communicate in a responsive environment. The experience is meant to get you excited about what daOMA is doing in the city. And to get you to join in by attending an event, doing a Pecha Kucha and donating to the effort for a more connected, progressive design community.
  • Proudly designed and built in Omaha.

    Art Direction & Branding: Justin Kemerling
    Site Design: Jake Welchert
    Development: Christopher Kollars & Cody Peterson
    Content: Tom Trenolone