Endless Purity

  • Endless Purity

    We created abstract worlds where everything turns pure, clean & healthy showing all-important features of skin-care products by Peppy Co.

    Water-resistant, antibacterial Cleansing egg cleans deeply your skin and restores blood cell circulation.

    LED Mask's light therapy destroys bacteria (Blue Light), prevents wrinkles (Red Light), soothes, and detoxifies skin (Yellow Light).

    Client: Peppy Co.
    Production: Idea & Maker
    Creative Direction: Johana Kroft
    Technical Direction: Maxim Kroft
    3D Product Modeling: Maxim Kroft
    3D Designers: Maxim Kroft, Johana Kroft
    Motion Design: Maxim Kroft
    Sound: Brian Perez (@florobeats)

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