Perm Polytech rebranding

  • Freedom to create your own world

    Perm Polytech is a space for creativity, where students learn self-expression through academic disciplines in order to build their own path to achievements and contribute to the development of society.

  • Logo and symbol

    Following the brand's platform, its design also emphasizes the individual's personality, which is realized in the university space. The brand’s symbol is based on a square shape that expresses an idea of a stable structure, while the gap below refers to the individuals finding their way through the mysteries of science and technologies to the outer world. All together this constitutes the letter П, with which the words in the name of the Perm Polytech begin.

  • The brand's architecture is monolithic/hybrid.

    In this version, there is one umbrella brand, however, each of the University branches (academic activity, research activity, business, and creativity) has its own brand version.

  • Colour

    Space gray is used as a primary color. Besides being a symbol of infinity, it reflects intelligence and balance. The primary color is complemented with a monochromatic palette of lighter shades of gray and purple as well as with bright and vigorous accent colors — orange, yellow, and blue —that together make a palette of extremely "high-tech" colors.

  • Pattern

    As a pattern, we propose abstract pixelated shapes in various combinations and color gradations. These elements remind of heat maps which centers indicate energy clusters and which pixel structure refers to high technologies and digital environment.

  • Grid system

    The grid system is based on the brand’s logo (icon) as an expanding threesided frame. Combined with a variety of content, it emphasizes the contrast between the regular, hitech external space and the freedom arising from within and expanding into the world. The layout system is complemented with rhythmic horizontal lines that emphasize usterity and structure of the brand’s image.

  • Project team:
    Beso Turazashvili, founder & CEO
    Irina Skabelkina, co-founder and Creative director
    Dmitriy Tretyakov, co-founder and Commercial director
    Daria Vorobyova, head of Account
    Michael Bobylev, head of Strategy
    Dimitrina Mitakova, art director
    Elizaveta Gasheva, project manager
    Michael Lunyov, 3D & motion designer
    Nikita Khudyakov, web & motion designer