More Pull—Crosswalk Design Proposal

  • The City of Baltimore, the Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District and the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts in collaboration with the Baltimore City Department of Transportation are seeking an artist or artist team to assist with the replacement of old crosswalks within the new Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District with something distinctive and artist designed that will be compliant with traffic and safety regulations.  The project goal is to improve the pedestrian experience, give better definition to downtown’s Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District, and add an additional public art experience in the City’s third Arts & Entertainment District.
    The Concept
    This crosswallk design is based on Baltimore’s shipping and manufacturing history. The pulley system has been used for centuries for a variety of tasks, and it’s sometimes overlooked, even though so many of us have a connection to it. The pulley system is used for the operation of stage curtains, stage lighting and special effects, it’s essential for the operation of many ships, and it’s also used in engineering and manufacturing.
                For those working at the Hippodrome Theatre and the performing arts center a block away, and even the First Mariner Arena, they remember that rush of excitement and nervousness as they prepared for the show and waited for the curtain to open, and that feeling of accomplishment as it closed. For the sailors that navigated the seas in hopes of safely reaching the harbor, a memory. For the manufacturers, who once used the pulley not only to lift the weight of goods, but also the city. And finally, for the artists and tourists who ride the elevator up the Bromo-Seltzer Tower. This crosswalk design celebrates the idea that the Bromo-Seltzer Tower supports the weight of the Baltimore arts community.
  • W Baltimore St & S Eutaw St